Saturday, November 17, 2007


I've never eaten or even seen any ambuyat but it is spoken often by people at the West Coast of Sabah. I am originally from Sandakan, at the East Coast of Sabah, of the Sulu descent.

Based on my interviews with my colleagues at the office, I am told that Ambuyat originates from the Brunei and Kadayan people. Because it requires sago and the Bisaya people live near an area rich in Sago, Ambuyat is more widely consumed by the Bisayas.

There is no need for any picture attachment because the link given above should give a good picture.

However this picture is not demonstrative of the Ambuyat that I was told. It should be very clear because Sago is starchy. Making it is an art. Not easy for anyone to cook just by reading recipes.

It is best eaten with apap i.e. condensed asam-pedas, of fish such as Basung.

Sago is not easy to find anywhere on earth and it is a dying food. It is difficult to cook this kind of food and the younger generation do not appreciate it as much as western fast food.


A.S. Kasah said...

When I'm back to Sabah, I'll invite you to an ambuyat feast. For Kadayan community, ambuyat is eaten not to replace rice but as supplementry food. Ambuyat is meant to be eaten in group of 4 - 5people. Eating ambuyat alone is not widely practice in Kadayan community.

A.S. Kasah said...

I wish I could invite you to an ambuyat feast. Insya Allah one day when I'm back in Sabah I'll show you how to eat ambuyat. In the Kadayan community, ambuyat is not their staple food, but more to as a supplementary. Ambuyat is meant to be taken in group i.e. 4 - 5 people and then you'll get the enjoyment and satisfaction of eating ambuyat.

One thing I should remind Tn Haji is that after eating ambuyat, be ready to visit the toilet coz ambuyat contains lots of water.

Sirius B said...

Ambuyat looks like the cheap glue in a plastic jar-like container used in primary school in the 80s.

The jar came in various colors :red/blue/yellow/green. You have to open the lid and then use the small spoon to spread the glue.

That looks like Ambuyat lah. It's gooey. But it's nice if you know how to eat it.

Anonymous said...

sabah is not the poorest in the world.